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  • Unique multiple elevation offset capability
  • Fast, smooth proportional control compatible with OEM tractor valves or any type of electrical control valve
  • Hydraulic control adjustment capable right from the box
  • Current Regulated proportional outputs
  • Large backlit LCD Digital Display
  • Tough embedded membrane switches
  • Fingertip selected menus and functions
  • Bright adjustable LED grade lights
  • Convenient, out-of-the-way mounting
  • Optional remote switch boxes
  • FLASH download capability (application code revisions)
  • Additional communications bus for input and display accessories
  • The System ACCURATE 406-E Control Box is a dual-function, machine control platform
  • Product information “7-Channel Laser Receivers Accurate 406 E
  • Large reception range: 210 mm, 360°
  • Connector: 6 pin Bay. (CAN)
  • Interface: CAN
  • ·         Measurement Types: ·         Distance Measurement
·         Ingress Protections: ·         IP67
·         Interfaces: ·         CAN
·         Market Segment: ·         Earthmoving