Crosfield Agro

Rain Gun Sprinkler

Crosfield Agro is importing and providing high efficiency and best in quality Rain Gun Sprinklers. These high-performance sprinklers designed for a variety of uses and applications where relatively high flows and extended radius of throw are desired. A Rain gun may be permanent, Semi portable or portable.

Permanent Sprinkler System:

In a permanent raingun sprinkler, the gun riser stands are permanently fitted on the pipeline network. It can also be supported by cement concrete block around the riser.

Semi-Portable Sprinkler System

In semi-portable system pipeline network can be permanent and rain gun riser stand or only rain gun shifted from one location to other. Raingun riser stand can be made detachable by using HDPE Quick-Connect male connector at riser end and Quick-Connect female connector at pipe end.

HDPE pipe in coil/hose of required size & length attached with G.I. insert joint on one end and Quick-Connect female joint on the other end can also serve as the pipe network. Alternatively, raingun alone can be shifted over permanently installed risers using quick release key and/or quick coupling valve.

Portable Sprinkler System

In portable Rain gun, the entire pipeline network along with the gun riser stand can be shifted from one location to another.

Rainguns / Sprinkler