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Hose Reel

Hose Reel Irrigation System

Haji Sons International have world best Italian hose reel machines. These machines are mobile irrigation systems which don’t need physical effort and irrigate the desired area with the desired amount and time. Hose reel machines have remarkably modified inelastic characteristics, resistance to traction, granting also bigger flow rates. All this make them better usable on any kind of soil. Machines use systems to grant bigger comfort during use, with the assembly of hydraulic controls applied to the rotation, supporting legs and other functions. In the most sophisticated versions, hydraulic systems can be also radio-controlled. These applications enable an easy use also for an operator only, with reduced labor intervention in exercise and change of position.

The rewinding system is the real engine of hose-reel irrigation machines. This renewed system gives the even distribution of water, the reduction of losses of pressure, the rewinding speed adjustings of sprinkler and booms, with the precise management of rain height. In general, it’s made of a turbine and a gearbox able to work with many gears, changing the speed depending on the cultivation, the phase of growth and other needs.

Why you should choose the hose reel irrigation machine?

  • Long-life gearbox.
  • Save on labor costs with an Install-and-drop working style.
  • Galvanization and long-life painting on all surfaces which come into contact with water.
  • Long life, friction-resistant and suitable for high water flow.
  • Different model choices are available.
  • A compact design that is suitable for sprinkler irrigation.
  • The most suitable irrigation system for natural precipitation.
  • Efficient water usage.
  • Labor and time saving as it’s a one-man operation.

Hose reels are categorized by the diameter and length of the hose they hold. These hose reels can either be fixed in a permanent location or portable or attached to a tractor. Different model choices are available hereunder.