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Integrated Drip Line

 Haji Sons International is a leading company in providing Irrigation solutions in the country. We are providing irrigation tubing “Drip Lines” from best world-renowned companies and ensuring quality in best possible prices. We have sole authorized dealership of many world-renowned brands.


The Driplite is a light low thickness irrigation pipe with a turbulent flow flat emitter that features a self-cleaning built-in strainer at its inlet for efficient water filtration. It is produced with an OD of 17mm and 22.6mm in several thicknesses ranging from 0.15mm up to 0.6mm and is available in many emitter discharge rates of 1.07 LPH, 1.78 LPH, 2.1 LPH, and 3.74 LPH, at a pressure of 0.8 bars. The Driplite is used for all types of crops including cotton, banana plantations, sugarcane, and maize. It can be used for one or multi-season applications depending on the pipe wall thickness. Its low pipe thickness and small-sized flat emitter allow it to be used for longer lateral length and more economical applications. A wide range of Renown Brands is available from Turkey and Jordan.

Drip PC

The Drip PC features a cylindrical pressure compensating self-cleaning emitter with similar mechanical properties as the Driplite. It uses a silicone diaphragm that ensures uniform discharge and water flow uniformity for variable system pressures ranging from 1.0 to 4.0 bars. The silicon rubber diaphragm initiates a self-flushing cycle that allows cleaning of debris. It is ideal for use in irrigation systems with long lateral length requirements, uneven terrain, mountainous farmland or farms with high slopes. It is applied in both agricultural and landscape irrigation applications.

Drip PC is provided in different diameters 16mm and 20mm with different pipe wall thicknesses. Emitters are available with two different discharge rates 2 and 4 LPH and at spacing starting from 20cm.

Oval Dripline (With Flat Drippers)

With the success of its flat dripper tape drip lines, HSI introduced a new range of drip lines using a specially made flat dripper inserted and welded to the inside walls of an oval-shaped LDPE tube. The newly developed Oval drip line is provided in 16mm and 20mm OD, with thicknesses of 28mil (0.7mm), 24mil (0.6mm) and 20mil (0.5mm). It withstands working pressures up to 4 bars and can be installed in longer irrigation drip lines compared with the standard cylindrical pipes. It offers major savings in transport cost and the overall cost of an irrigation installation.

Drip Line (With Cylindrical Drippers)

It is a jointless multi-seasonal drip pipe similar to the Dripline in all mechanical properties but for using a 39mm and 33mm turbulent flow cylindrical emitter, with 4 water outlets and a self-cleaning built-in the strainer at its inlet. It is produced in 16mm and 20mm OD pipes, with emitter discharge rates of 2LPH, 4LPH, 8LPH and a pipe thickness ranging from 0.9mm down to 0.7mm at an emitter spacing starting from 20cm. It is used for all types of crops including cotton, banana plantations, sugarcane, and maize. A wide range of Renown Brands is available from Turkey and Jordan.

Drip Tape

The Drip Tape is an irrigation tape with the emitter labyrinth strip welded to the inside of the extruded tape. It is provided in 17mm and 22.6mm outside diameter and wall thicknesses ranging from 0.15mm up to 0.25mm and flow of 1.03 LPH at 0.8 bars. Emitter spacing starts from 10cm with 10 cm equal intervals up to 100cm. It can be used for subsurface irrigation applications using 150 mesh filtration.