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WESTERN Pivot Machine (Linear & Center) is one of the world-renowned names in Pivot industry which is providing this system too many countries in the World & now in Pakistan, Crosfield Agro is offering with competitive price. WESTERN-CP is a system designed to adapt to a variety of weather, crop and field conditions, all the while providing maximum performance as it relates to water efficiency and increased crop yields, year after year.

 It can be configured with a variety of span lengths, overhang combinations, and multiple sprinkler packages. In addition, and depending on the requirement of the field, you have the option of an all-galvanized system or a galvanized structure with Poly-Line pipe components.


WESTERN-CP spans and towers have three different ground clearances ranging from 1.86m to 4.52m, and are specifically designed to match differing crop requirements. This machine is suitable for a variety of crops like sugarcane, sugar beet, potato, sunflower, maize, mustard, fodder etc.

Available Ground Clearance

The distance from the lowest point at the span to the ground is called ground clearance. WESTERN-CP spans have three different ground clearances to match different heights of the planted crops:

  1. Low profile: 1.9m, (for shorter crops)
  2. Standard profile: 2.9m (Most field crops)
  3.  High profile: 4.52m (Sugarcane)

Spans & Overhang

WESTERN-CP pivot Machine utilize the “Bow String” span design, with a maximum length of 62m (203.5ft) between towers. It offers different span lengths in order to adapt the lengths of the machine to the dimensions of the field. Spans with pipe size of 5” and 6-5/8” are available in the following lengths options: 38.2m (125.5ft), 44.2m (145 ft), 50.1m (164.5ft), 56.1m (184 ft) & 62.0m (203.5ft) In case pipe size of 8-5/8”, maximum span length is 50.1m (164.5ft). Span pipes are available in three different diameters; 5”, 6-5/8” & 8-5/8” with pipe thickness ranging from 2.8mm to 3mm.

This pivot machine is available for the area ranging from 30 acres to 350 acres.

Components Of Pivot Machine

End Gun

Universal Joint



Wide Stand Pivot Point

Pressure Regulators


Spans & Over Hang

Gear Motor

Gear Box

Drive Train Assembly

Control Panel