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12vdc Doubleu00a0Solenoid Valveu00a0u2013 Spool Type 01 u2013 AD3E01CM
Cetopu00a03 /u00a0NG06 u2013 Directional Control Valve, Double Solenoid Valve u2013 Spool Type 01, Part: AD3E01CM
Theu00a0PROWINu00a0directional control valves NG6 are designed for sub plate mounting with an interface in accordance with UNI ISO 4401 u2013 03 u2013 02 u2013 0 u2013 94 standard (ex CETOP R 35 H 4.2-4-03), and can be used in all fields on account of their high flow rate and pressure capacities combined with compact overall dimensions.
The use of solenoids with wet armatures allows a very practical, safe construction completely dispensing with dynamic seals; the solenoid tube is screwed directly onto the valve chest whilst the coil is kept in position by means of a lock nut.
The special, precise construction of the ports and the improvement of the spools enables relatively high flow rates to be accommodated with a minimal pressure drop (u0394p). The operation of the directional valves may be electrical, pneumatic, dynamic, mechanical or lever.
The center position is obtained by means of calibrated length springs which reposition the spool in the center or end of travel position once the action of the impulse is over.
The solenoids are constructed with a protection class of IP66 to DIN 40050 standards and are available in either AC or DC form in different voltage and frequencies.
The new type DC coil u201cD15u201d, of cause their high performance, allows to increasing the limits of use respect to last series.
All types of electrical control are available, on request, with different types of manual emergency controls.
The solenoid coils are normally arranged for DIN 43650 ISO 4400 type connectors; is available on request these variant coils: with AMP Junior connections, with AMP junior and integrated diode, with Deutsch DT04-2P connections or solenoid with flying leads. Connectors with built in rectifiers or pilot lights are also available.
The valves are designed for use with DIN 51524 standard hydraulic mineral oils and it is recommended that filters should be fitted to ensure a maximum contamination level of class 10 in accordance with NAS 1638, u03b225u226575.
Double Solenoid Valve 12V DC