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New Agriculture Technology in Modern Farming

Agriculture is an amazingly significant activity for economy of Pakistan and its new development. Agriculture is the method of cultivating land or soil for the purpose of growth. Overall forty eight percent of labour force is engaged directly with agriculture in Pakistan. So it is the main source of living or income of the large part of economy population. Pakistan has just experienced particular selective motorization as this idea has stayed constrained to utilization of farm tractors as it were. Agribusiness technology is seen as package of technology to guarantee convenient field tasks, expanded profitability, diminished harvest misfortunes and improved nature of grain or item and usage of mechanical advancement in the changed developing exercises.

How laser land leveler can help in the increase of production:

Agricultural land laser leveling is a newly implemented resource management technology. It has the potential to change the way food is produced by increasing the resource-use efficiency of critical inputs without having any disturbing and harmful effects on the ecosystem’s productive resilience. In other words, it most precisely and efficiently moves soil from the high points to the low points of the ground. Laser saves irrigation water >35 %, Reduced weed in the field ,Increase in field areas about 3.5 %, Reduce farm operating time by 10 % , Helps top soil the executives, Saves work costs, Saves fuel/power utilized in water system , Increase profitability up to 50.

Laser Land Leveling Advantages:

Save Water for Irrigation

Approximately 3 to 5 per cent increase in the cultivable area

Improve crop planting

Improve Crop Maturity Uniformity

Increase the efficiency of water application up to 50 per cent

Raise crop intensity by approximately 40%.

Raising crop yields

Making marine conditions simpler to handle

Reduce weed problems, and improve the effectiveness of weed control.

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