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Hilti PR-2HS

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  1. Compensation range            ±10 arc seconds (.060”@ 100’) (1.5mm@ 30m)
  2. Protected rotational head       Yes
  3. Rotation coverage                   360º
  4. Rotational speed                     600 rpm
  5. Beam type  Infrared visible laser beam
  6. Safe provision of shut off beam        Yes
  7. Operating range with receiver          diameter (800m)
  8. Power source                   Internal: NiMH rechargeable at least 65 hrs
  9.  operation per charge with low charge warning light system
  10.  External:          12 V DC
  11. Water and dust proof            Yes
  12. Tripod mounting system      Compatible with provided metallic Tripod stand
  13. Accuracy                      ±2.75 mm per 30 m for standard setting
  14. Accessories                Carrying case, Instructional manual, auto calibration
  15. Self-Leveling Range                        ±5 degrees
  16. Slope Matching Range                Single Axis, X Axis Self Levels, 8%
  17. Height Alert               Normally Active, can be disabled
  18. Machine Control Compatible              Yes
  19. Warranty                                                    12 Months Defects Coverage
  20. Automatic Shut-off                                 12 Minutes Out of Level
  21. Environmental                                          Dust & water resistant (IP56)
  22. Laser Rating                                               CDRH Class IIIa, IEC Class 3r
  23. Operating Temperature                        -20ºc to +60ºc (-4ºf to +140ºf)


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